(b. 1961, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is currently based in New York, Berlin, and Thailand. After high school in Bangkok, he studied at the Ontario College of Art, Toronto; the Banff Center School of Fine Arts, Banff, Canada; The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; and the Independent Study Program, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Tiravanija's installations and actions provide platforms for artistic, public, and private activities—effectively blurring the boundaries that customarily separate them. His projects invite the public to enter into and literally engage with his work; in fact, the active participation of the viewer is necessary for the work to be fully realized. Tiravanija has exhibited widely at museums and galleries throughout the world, and since 1998, Tiravanija has been working on The Land Foundation, an ongoing, collaborative, environmental reclamation project in Thailand.



Untitled (the future will be chrome), 2008

Ping pong table  

Mirror polished stainless steel, glass net

9ft (L) x 5ft (W) x 30 in (H)

Edition of 10 and 2 AP

Untitled (the future will be chrome), 2010


MIrror polished stainless steel

67.75 in (L) x 18.175 in (W) x 14.75 in (H)

Edition of 20

Untitled (the future will be chrome), 2011


Mirror polished stainless steel

31 in (H)

Untitled (the future will be chrome), 2012

I, O, U, benches

MIrror polished stainless steel

"I" 74 in (L) x 23 in (W) x 15 in (H)

"O" 74 in (L) x 39.5 in (W) x 15 in (H)

"U" 74 in (L) x 39.53 in (W) x 15 in (H)

Edition of 20