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(b.1938 in Deutschbaselitz, Saxony as Hans-Georg Bruno Kern) moved to East Berlin, in 1956, where he studied painting at the Hochschule für bildende und angewandte Kunst. After being expelled, he studied from 1957 to 1962 at theHochschule der bildenden Künste, West Berlin. During this period, he adopted the surname Baselitz, taken from the name of his birthplace.In searching for alternatives to Socialist Realism and Art Informel, he became interested in anamorphosis and in the art of the mentally ill. With fellow student Eugen Schönebeck, Baselitz staged an exhibition in an abandoned house, accompanied by thePandämonisches Manifest I, 1. Version, 1961, which was published, together with a second version, as a poster announcing the exhibition. His career was kick-started in the 1960s after police action against the sexual nature of one of his paintings. Baselitz is one of the world's best-selling living artists. The artist lives in Munich and Imperia.



Eagle, 2009


Copper, stainless steel painted black, bronze stand

100 cm (L) x 100cm (W) x 250 cm (H)

Edition of 10