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(b. 1969, London) Cecily Brown currently lives and works in New York City. Brown’s work remains rooted in the figure. She operates in the place where representation and abstraction meet and divide. Her paintings, drawings and prints veer from clearly read graphic imagery to almost indecipherable fields of shifting forms and colors. The paintings revel in ambiguity, with space and scale being constantly chopped and changed, and glimpses of representation that emerge and change the more you look. Her recurring themes include orgiastic bacchanals, picnics, voyeurs and bunny gang rapes, Carnival and Lent, and gardens of earthly delights.



Paradise 2011

Glass mosaic

Dimensions variable 

Edition of 3

Carnival and Lent, 2008-2010

Jigsaw puzzle

672 pieces

18 x 24 inches

Box: 7 x 9 x 1 inches

Edition of 200 + 30 signed pieces

A Nathalie Karg Project for IDYLLC